The Flaming Chalice is the symbol of Unitarian Universalism. Most UU congregations light a chalice at the beginning of worship, and many of us do so during faith development programs, board and committee meetings, and celebrations. It helps us co-create sacred space, and mark a period of time as special.

And many Unitarian Universalists wear chalice jewelry, have chalice tattoos, and have chalice art and chalices to kindle in their homes. There are many kinds of chalices to purchase, and the images below offer a variety of options for creating your own, to help you bring the warmth of love, the light of truth, and the energy of action into your home.

For directions for these DIY chalices, click here.

  • a brightly coloured flaming chalice made from painted terra cotta pots.
    Chalice and photo by Karri Cross

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