In support of our seventh principle, the purpose of the Green Action Committee is to engage cooperatively with other committees and members of the congregation to make our church a greener place by enhancing our congregational and individual awareness and practices, and to make our church a catalyst for environmentally sustainable change in the broader community.

Past Green Action Committee activities:

  1. Educating about environmental issues and green practices.
  2. Participating in and supporting other environmental groups in the community.
  3. Initiating green projects in our church, for example, composting, garden, and support for local farmers.
  4. Public advocacy through letters, briefs, presentations, and participation in demonstrations.
  5. Annual reporting.
  6. Making periodic environmental audits and surveys of the practices of the congregation and posting them on the website.
  7. Identifying and recommending improvements.
  8. Researching best practices.
  9. Providing liaisons to other committees.