If you get this email, don’t reply

Many people in our church community have received or will receive an email that appears to be from the personal email address of Rev. Stefan Jonasson. It isn’t. Please examine the below screenshots of the email and in particular, the ways you can tell that it’s fake. If you receive this email, please click “Report phishing” and do nothing else with it. Do NOT reply to it!

Phishing email with annotations as described in text

Here are the email annotations:

  1. The from address isn’t correct (name is spelled with an ‘s”).
  2. The greeting isn’t personal (e.g., should be “Hi Karin” or similar).
  3. Several spaces before commas (as if Rev. Stefan would do this ever!)
  4. Request to reply to the email.
  5. Non-specific request “have a request I need you to handle for me”.
  6. Misspelling of Winnipeg.