Humanist Forum Schedule of Events

Below are the scheduled topics for the upcoming Humanist Forums. The forums are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM.  All are welcome!

July 10 – We will watch and discuss a video of Humanists UK President Professor Alice Roberts’ key note lecture at the 2019 Humanists UK Convention. In the video, Alice Roberts takes us on a personal exploration of Margaret Knight’s 1950s radio essay series, ‘Morals Without Religion,’ to examine changing attitudes to, and controversies around, the idea of non-religious morality. She discusses the place of faith schools in modern Britain and why arguments against them often provoke fierce debate.
August 14 – We will watch and discuss a video of Dr. Sarah Chaney’s “Am I Normal?” 2022 Voltaire Lecture. Dr Cheney talks about the study of the ‘normal’ that really took off across Europe and North America in the 1930s, with a proliferation of IQ tests, sex studies, a census of hallucinations – even a UK beauty map. She tells the surprising history of how the very notion of the normal came about, and how it shaped us all, often while entrenching oppressive values.
Sept 11 – Dylon Martin will present and lead a discussion on “Epicurus Contribution to Humanism.”
Oct 9 – Kris Breckman will present and lead a discussion on the last chapter in Sara Bakewell’s book “Humanly Possible.” The book is available at the Winnipeg Public library.
Nov 13 – Rich LeDuc will present and lead a discussion on “The Origins of Life.”

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These forums provide humanist perspectives on various thought-provoking topics which foster open-minded discussions and intellectual exploration, encouraging critical thinking and reflection. Refreshments are provided.

Questions? Contact Kris Breckman or Wadood Ibrahim