May 26: Hungers We Cannot Forget

Service Leader: Rev. Stefan Jonasson
Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

Everyone has experienced the feeling of being hungry, both literally and metaphorically, but there are some hungers that weigh more heavily upon us. We hunger when our appetite reaches a tipping point that is hard to satiate. If we’re materially fortunate, our experiences of hunger will be more often spiritual than physical, but that doesn’t mean that our feelings of hunger won’t torment both our bodies and our minds. What can we do with the hungers we cannot forget? 


  • 109 As We Come Marching, Marching (Hymn of the Month)
  • 66 When the Summer Sun Is Shining
  • 119 Once to Every Soul and Nation
  • 146 Soon the Day Will Arrive
sad man on lake dock