April 14: Seeds for the Garden, Seeds for the Soul

Service Speakers: Cathy Rayner and Carole Reeve
Service Leader: The Green Action Committee
Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

Seed saving conserves biodiversity and cultural heritage. In 2017, Cathy Rayner and Carole Reeve started the Osborne Seed Library.  The Osborne Seed Library is a community driven program connecting people and encouraging gardening and local food production. Cathy and Carole will speak about how and why they started the seed library, how it relates to responsibility and reciprocity in the care of the earth and being grateful.

Cathy Rayner is a musician, Montessori teacher and Garden Steward for the People Garden of Sustainable South Osborne. Carole Reeve is the Branch Head of the Osborne Public Library and a volunteer with the People Garden. They share a love of nature and gardening and hope to inspire others to find their Zen in the garden.

planting seeds