March 17: Spring Equinox

Service Leaders: Rev. Meghann Robern, Andrea James, and PJ Buchan

Service Coordinator: Dylan Fijal

Come mark the arrival of spring with this multigenerational celebration of the Spring Equinox and ever-present turning of the wheel of the year. What insights have come to us during the winter, that we can plant as seed to grow for our futures together? What stories do we tell, with words and with music, to stir our hearts, minds, and bodies from the cold into the warmth of the new season?


  • Opening: 346 Come Sing a Song With Me;
  • Pastoral: 299 Make Channels for the Streams of Love (HotM);
  • Bonus Anthem: 1067 Mother Earth, Beloved Garden;  
  • Closing: 1074 Turn the World Around
spring flowers in snow