November 4: Therapeutic Clowning

Service Speaker: Sue Proctor
Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler

Clowning is an ancient art form with roots in the human need to laugh at ourselves and our efforts to control, or to try to control, ourselves and the world around us. Clowning embraces acceptance of the inevitability of life's flubs, flops and foibles. The clown's multi-faceted role can be a catalyst in diverse social interventions with a growing scope as therapeutic clowning in hospitals and senior centers.

Sue Proctor, a workshop leader with the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, Inclusion Winnipeg, Manitoba Theatre for Young People and Artists in the Schools, recently studied Theatre and Development at Concordia University in Montreal and has worked and trained with clown companies around the world. Sue has a background in mime, commedia dell'arte, puppetry, arts education, theatre for people with disabilities and has performed in festivals across Canada.