October 28: How Big Your Brave Is

Service Leaders: Rev. Jason Shelton, Rev. Meghann Robern, Andrea James, & PJ Buchan
Service Coordinators: Dylan Fijal & Marian Siemens

Join us for a multigenerational celebration of shared ministry throughout the prairies! We will be installing our minister, Rev. Meghann, as part of the Canadian Unitarian Universalist Western Regional Fall Gathering, and exploring community, love, and of course, our monthly theme of persistence.

This worship service is open to all; if you would like to register for the weekend conference, children’s programming, or the youth con, please visit: https://cuc.ca/events/western-region-fall-gathering-2018/1540573200/1540731600 If finances would prevent you from registering, there is scholarship money available; please contact Rev. Meghann or DLFD Andrea to arrange for a subsidy.

climber on mountain peak