All services are on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

March 24: Stewardship for Us

Service Leaders: Our Stewardship and Pledge Drive Teams
Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

Henri Nouwen writes in his book, The Spirituality of Fundraising, that “Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission.” Talking about money is still taboo in our dominant culture, and yet it’s one of the most significant ways we can align our resources with our values. It’s the treasure that works alongside our gifts of time, talent, and testimony. Come explore what stewardship means for Unitarian Universalism with our Stewardship and Pledge Drive Teams.


  • Opening: 299 Make Channels for the Streams of Love (HotM);
  • Pastoral: 318 We Would Be One;
  • Anthem: 300 With Heart and Mind;  
  • Closing: 354 We Laugh, We Cry


Monthly Theme Discussion Groups

Would you like to connect with others once a month, getting to know one another as you explore perspectives on the monthly theme? Small groups help congregants form relationships with others, while engaging with our theme.  

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March 30: Sharing Our Faith

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern
Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

While we are self-governed congregation, we are also part of a larger, national covenanted community of Unitarian Universalists all over Canada, know as the Canadian Unitarian Council. How do we participate in this greater sharing of our living tradition from coast to coast to coast, and how does knowing this strengthen our relationships with each other locally? This service will also have our New Member Ceremony, with an all-church potluck celebration to follow!


  • Opening: 305 De Colores;
  • Pastoral: 155 Circle ‘Round for Freedom;  
  • Closing: 299 Make Channels for the Streams of Love (HotM)

Theme-Based Ministry

What is it?

Theme-based ministry is a new way of doing church and faith development that brings Unitarian Universalists together across differences of life experience, age, or beliefs. It’s a way of helping us focus and deepen, both in our spiritual lives, and in our connections to one another.

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April 7: Good Without God

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern
Service Coordinator: Odell Havsdotter

One of the great gifts of the Humanist threads in our UU tapestry is “its positive belief in tolerance, community, morality, and good without having to rely on the guidance of a higher being.” This Sunday we will explore how Humanism has helped restore the primacy of human experience and relationship with each other as a fundamental part of creating sustainable, caring communities like ours.


  • 288 All Are Architects (Hymn of the Month)
  • 292 If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking
  • 1037 We Begin Again in Love
  • Closing; The Human Touch Can Light the Flame

April 14: Seeds for the Garden, Seeds for the Soul

Service Speakers: Cathy Rayner and Carole Reeve
Service Leader: The Green Action Committee
Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

Seed saving conserves biodiversity and cultural heritage. In 2017, Cathy Rayner and Carole Reeve started the Osborne Seed Library.  The Osborne Seed Library is a community driven program connecting people and encouraging gardening and local food production. Cathy and Carole will speak about how and why they started the seed library, how it relates to responsibility and reciprocity in the care of the earth and being grateful.

Cathy Rayner is a musician, Montessori teacher and Garden Steward for the People Garden of Sustainable South Osborne. Carole Reeve is the Branch Head of the Osborne Public Library and a volunteer with the People Garden. They share a love of nature and gardening and hope to inspire others to find their Zen in the garden.

April 21: When the Tomb Is Empty

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern
Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

One of the gifts we have as humans is our ability to make meaning out of the chaos thrown at us by an often random universe. How do we keep hope alive? How do create and sustain trust in each other and in our futures? This Easter, we will explore together how we rebuild and restore when the metaphorical rock is rolled away and we find the tomb empty.


  • 269 Lo, the Day of Days Is Here
  • 266 Now the Green Blade Riseth
  • 288 All Are Architects (Hymn of the Month)

April 28: 10 Years

Service Leaders: UU Youth Group
Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

Early this year the "10-year Challenge" made its way around social media. Where were you/we 10 years ago? Where will you/we be in 10 years? What will life be like on the planet, in our faith community, and for those who are currently teens?


  • 301 Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky
  • 173 In the Branches of the Forest
  • 288 All Are Architects (Hymn of the Month)
  • 207 Earth Was Given as a Garden

May 5, 2019: The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and the Establishment’s Brutal Response

The General Strike of 1919 rocked Canada and the world and it galvanized into action all the forces Winnipeg’s wealthy and powerful could muster. What was at the heart of their onslaught on ordinary workers, and what do we carry forward today?

Service leader and coordinator: Steve Lennon