All services are on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

June 3rd: Living with Pride

Service Leader and Coordinator: Dylan Fijal

The world we live in often makes it hard to live our lives authentically. Pride offers us an opportunity to stand out, be ourselves, and share ourselves with our covenanted community.

June 10: Come, Come, Whoever You Are

Service Leader: the Rev. Meghann Robern
Service Coordinator: Roger York

Rumi's poem "Come Come Whoever You Are", often sung in our congregations as a hymn, speaks to us of covenant and relationship. This worship service will have a New Member Ceremony, our annual Flower Ceremony (bring a flower for you and for each member of your family), and be followed by an all-church picnic!

June 17: The Cowboy Code

Service Leader and Coordinator: Steve Lennon

Ever since the late eighteen hundreds, the cowboy has been represented as a romantic ideal of masculinity, and to this day we all carry a little of the cowboy in our persona and in our language. But how well do those ideals work with relationships with friends and family, and with nature? Please join Steve for a Father's Day service that explores some of these connections. 

June 24: Hope Is Like the Sun

Service Leader: the Rev. Meghann Robern
Service Coordinator: Tanya Brothers

It is during this time, in the northern hemisphere, that we celebrate the summer solstice: the longest day. This Sunday we will explore our gratitude for the abundance of sunshine and how it can carry us through the winter to come.

Theme-Based Ministry

What is it?

Theme-based ministry is a new way of doing church and faith development that brings Unitarian Universalists together across differences of life experience, age, or beliefs. It’s a way of helping us focus and deepen, both in our spiritual lives, and in our connections to one another.

Each month, we look at a new monthly theme – past themes have included Hospitality, for example, or Compassion. A monthly theme packet is made available with questions for reflection, links to books or film clips to explore, spiritual exercises to try out, and ideas for integrating aspects of the theme into parenting, justice work, personal study, and so on. Some people like to consider each theme in relation to the question, “What would it mean to live a life of … ?”

Throughout the month, the entire community explores dimensions of this theme though aspects of our common life at the church, such as music, meditation, and reflections from the pulpit. There is also a monthly theme discussion group that meets from September through June. Please see for more information.

Read more: Theme-Based Ministry

Monthly Theme Discussion Group for Adults

We will be meeting every month to discuss the theme in the living room from 6:30 to 8:00.  All are welcome - you don't have to have been to this discussion before, or have attended the services this month.

We meet at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg at 603 Wellington Crescent, in the Dining Room. Bring a snack or come as you are. Also visit our Facebook page here.

For more information or to RSVP, contact the church office at 204-474-1261, or email Teresa Klostriech.

No child care is provided.

2017 - 2018

Here's the list of topics for this year:

  • September: Resilience
  • October: Vulnerability
  • November: Blessing
  • December: Giving And Receiving
  • January: Resistance
  • February: Earth
  • March: Evil
  • April: Miracles
  • May: Freedom
  • June: Beauty
  • July/August Revolution