Handling Conflict Constructively materials now available

Based on recommendations from the Shared Ministry Team report, our Board of Directors offered congregants an opportunity to learn about conflict and develop skills in better handling it. Janet Schmidt, an expert in conflict resolution and mediation led over 20 congregants in a series of six workshops covering topics such as Dealing with Disagreements, Tools for Understanding, and Dealing with Disrespect, and Defensiveness.

We’re still learning, but we’ve begun a new journey to expand our individual and community ability to carry out our Covenant of Right Relations and to deal with difference of opinions and potential conflict in a more constructive and effective way.

You can view all six workshops and access the Dealing with Conflict Manual on the Handling Conflict Workshops 2022 page. Please note that you need to be logged in to this website to view the contents of this page. Log in here, or contact the Webmaster for a login ID and password.

If you are experiencing a conflict we invite you to contact our Board of Directors at board@uuwinnipeg.mb.ca for assistance.