greeting card with heart, halfway in an envelopeThroughout the last few years, the Greeting Card Table, hosted by dedicated team of volunteers, has served our community with care and love – with written words on cards adorned with beautiful photos of our Church (people and building). It has helped and supported many in their life journey.

We constantly receive positive feedback and gratitude from those who receive these cards, thanks to the dedication of our volunteers:

  • Cheryl Simmonds
  • Fran Russell
  • Emily Muller
  • Barb Rudyk
  • Paula Kierstead
  • Heather Emberley
  • Bonnie Thiessen

We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and words of caring and encouragement with others by writing a note, an e-mail or sending a card to anyone who might appreciate it.

The postal service works as usual and receiving something in the mail can change a person’s day in ways we cannot know.