Pledge Drive Letter

At First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, our work and our beautiful meeting space are supported entirely by the generosity of our members and friends. It is because of our commitment and financial support that we are able to care for each other, nurture each other’s spirits and work in our broader community towards social and environmental justice, equity and respect for all. We hope that you are finding a welcome and a safe place to continue your faith journey within our community.  

Each year at this time we undertake a Stewardship Pledge Appeal to ask our congregation for their pledges of financial support for the coming year’s operating budget. Those pledges enable us to plan the work we can accomplish in the year ahead.

Entering our third year of settled ministry with Rev. Meghann Robern and Lifespan Faith Development directed by Andrea James, we are forging new paths in our life as a vibrant, growing congregation. We plan more opportunities for everyone, especially newcomers, to make meaningful connections and to deepen their faith: “Creating Theology Together”, small covenant groups which rotate participants, expanding our hospitality from Sunday morning to other all-church events and additional child care so that parents can access church activities. Also included in our Operating Budget will be funds to maintain our status as a fair compensation employer and an increase in mortgage costs for much needed improvements to our property.  These exciting plans for programming, payroll and mortgage would require about a 12% increase in revenue for 2019/20.

The message of our Pledge Appeal this year centers around the Five Aspirations of the Canadian Unitarian Council Vision Statement – stressing our interdependence as Unitarian Universalists in Canada and world-wide as we seek love and justice for our world.

  • I am writing to ask you to join our to join our pledge donors for the coming year.
  • All the Pledge Appeal information and the Pledge Form is available on our web-site.
  • Consider using Pre-Authorized Direct Deposit method of payment to help reduce our bookkeeping costs.

With your support, we can pursue our aspirations to be deeply connected, inclusive, engaged, grounded and alive.