Proposed Budget 2019-2020

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Notes on Proposed Budget


  1. The donations need to increase by $31,712 (11%) to balance budget.
  2. Fundraising is expected to be $3000 less next year due to a lack of storage space
  3. Committee events fundraising has been dropped from this year’s budget as it has not happened for the last few years.
  4. Rentals are projected to be over last year’s budget by $13,000 even with the potential loss of some funeral rentals.

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Pledge Drive Letter

At First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, our work and our beautiful meeting space are supported entirely by the generosity of our members and friends. It is because of our commitment and financial support that we are able to care for each other, nurture each other’s spirits and work in our broader community towards social and environmental justice, equity and respect for all. We hope that you are finding a welcome and a safe place to continue your faith journey within our community.  

Each year at this time we undertake a Stewardship Pledge Appeal to ask our congregation for their pledges of financial support for the coming year’s operating budget. Those pledges enable us to plan the work we can accomplish in the year ahead.

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