Services Sale 2019: Sundays, April 7 to April 28

Services Sale: How does it work?

The Services Sale is an annual fun and fund raising event where members offer services or handmade items for sale, and other members purchase these during a four-Sunday period, starting April 7. All money from the sale goes to support the excellent programs and structure of this church.

  • A service could be a dinner you host at your home, tutoring, a few hours of yard work, rental of your cottage for a week or weekend, a games night at your place, a guided tour you host, etc.
  • An item could include a dozen muffins, a knitted scarf, a handcrafted item, tickets to a performance, etc. Some services lend themselves to multiple offerings, others to just one, but all services and items are welcomed.

The Services Sale is a great opportunity for fun and socializing, a chance to meet some new people or try some new things. Offers will be arriving soon, and one of them might be yours. If you would like to offer something for the Services Sale, please contact Steve Lennon soon at 204-781-6549, or bThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(sorry, no text). Thanks.