From the Rebranding Committee – April 18, 2024

Members: Kris Breckman, Marjorie Doyle, Stefan Jonasson, Ann LeDuc, and Peter Miller
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback via the online form and email regarding the possibility of a new brand name for the church.

As mentioned in earlier communications, the legal name will remain the same, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, Inc."feedback" with smiley faces and four hands

The feedback was gathered beginning on February 2. A total of 29 responses were received. On March 8 and April 18, the Rebranding Committee met to review the feedback from the congregation. The feedback did not provide a consensus regarding rebranding.

At this point, the committee is focusing on the name that will be displayed on a new sign, which is being planned for the front of the church property. This sign will not only display some form of our church’s name, but also communicate our activities. Our activities and actions always speak louder than our words. Based on our initial feedback, for the new sign the committee recommends “Unitarian Universalists.” The committee considered many factors, including space constraints on the new sign.

We will hold a special Town Hall meeting on May 26 after the service, and hope everyone will attend. The discussions at the Town Hall meeting, along with the feedback from the online form will inform the committee on our final recommendations. These recommendations will be presented at the upcoming annual congregational meeting.

Brand name suggestions from the congregation included:
Winnipeg Unitarians, Winnipeg Unitarian Church, Winnipeg Unitarian Fellowship, Winnipeg Unitarian Congregation, Unitarian Universalist Church, Winnipeg Unitarian Universalist, Unitarian Church, Winnipeg Unitarian Center, Winnipeg Unitarian Society, Unitarian Centre, Unitarian Place, We Believe in U, Winnipeg UU Centre, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, Unitarian Universalists of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Unitarian Universalists