From the Minister’s Study – October, 2021

autumn leaves in sunshine

October brings us to the turn of the wheel into autumn. The days will become gradually shorter, and the nights gradually longer, until the winter solstice in December – when the night will be at its longest.

Religious observances, especially those tied to the seasons of nature, help give structure to the seasons of our lives. For one thing, they call to mind where we were and what we were doing in years past. They’re a natural time to consider what has changed and how far we’ve come. The spring and autumn equinoxes in particular are celebrated in earth centered traditions around the world as sacred times of balance. They represent a moment of poise and stillness amidst the constant change in the natural world. And so they’re also a good time to reflect on balance in our own lives, and the constant change we live through as well.

Where do you find balance these days? What changes are underway in this season of your life? And how might you pause at this time of year, to get grounded in the here and now? What does your spirit need as the days grow shorter, and we move toward a quieter and more inwardly-focused time of year?

In gratitude and faith,

Rev. Meghann