From the Minister’s Study – October 2018

Did you know that as Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we have Five Aspirations? While all North American UUs have seven principles that guide our choices and six sources that nourish our spirits, Canadian UUs also created five aspirations that help us grow. We aspire to be:

  • Deeply Connected: We strive to foster healthy relationships amongst and within UU communities, with the broader world and with all life.
  • Radically Inclusive: We strive to create hospitable, diverse, multi-generational communities.
  • Actively Engaged: We strive to work joyfully for a just and compassionate society, experimenting with new forms of community.
  • Theologically Alive: We seek to be ever-evolving in our understanding, open to new knowledge.
  • Spiritually Grounded: We seek transformation through personal spiritual experiences and shared ritual.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be writing about each of our Aspirations, beginning with Deeply Connected. It’s perfect timing for October, when we as a congregation are hosting the Western Regional Fall Gathering of the Canadian Unitarian Council. UUs from Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan (and even a few of us from outside the prairies!) will be coming to Winnipeg and spending the weekend exploring what it means to build the Beloved Community.

How does this link to our aspiration to be deeply connected? As one of the few UU communities in Manitoba, regional gatherings remind us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. As one of the largest congregations in all of Canada, we are reminded that we are leaders in our faith beyond Winnipeg. Our programming during this gathering will explore all the ways we live into our principle of the interdependent web: how do the choices we make in designing worship reflect the shared values, the sorrows, the hopes, the dreams of our congregation? How do we engage with the needs of the larger community, by working to make sure all are fed? What does it mean to be in authentic relationship with other groups doing their own work to change and heal the world?

While our aspiration to be deeply connected is by no means limited just to the Western Regional Fall Gathering, I hope you’ll join us from October 26-28. If finances would prevent you from registering, there is scholarship money available; please contact Rev. Meghann or DLFD Andrea to arrange for a subsidy. Registration (including children’s programming and the youth con) is here:

See you in church!

Rev. Meghann