From the Minister’s Study – November 2020

crocus flowers coming up through the snow

Our theme for November is “possibilities.” We’ll be engaging with it in our services — both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings — and in our Covenant Groups as well. While this theme topic was chosen months ago, before the pandemic began, it feels to me now like a difficult, deep spiritual practice to think about possibilities when we’re all caught in an isolation trap. That I’m writing this as the first big snowfall has descended upon us here in Winnipeg, marking the beginning of more isolation for many and seasonal depression for even more, makes “possibilities” as our theme almost cynically ironic.

And then I read the leader letter included with our theme materials for November, and I felt my heart stir with warmth again:

“The world changes because people commit to the gradual, exhausting, and inspiring work of making dang sure it will change. And that means, first and foremost, having a sense–a vision, a picture–of the horizon toward which we will apply our efforts. And that, friends, is where possibility comes in. It’s important to exercise our possibility muscle. To start to dream dreams. To get clear on our vision. To imagine a world and a life that could be.” — Rev. Jake Morrill

Most of you have not had the chance to know Rev. Jake in person, but to me he is a dear friend and colleague. For me, these words come with the relationship attached to them, like a hug across the kilometres. And so it reinforced my opinion that now, more than ever, we should be focusing on our relationships with each other, and investing our time and effort in reaching out and staying connected. Yes, that means Zoom, but it also means telephones, texting, and handwritten letters and cards. Each of us has ways that we are comfortable communicating when we can’t be in person.

I, for one, am reminded every day of how people’s lives, and what they share with me, is a gift. Learning about people’s lives, their stories, is one of my favourite parts of being a minister. So, beloveds… call me. Text me. Yes, email works for sharing basic information, but I want to spend our time this year in conversations with you. My phone number, for calls or texts, is (204) 809.3656. I would love to chat with you.

Possibilities, for me, are seeded in soil that is tended by love, compassion, and caring. Let’s do this thing together.

In gratitude and faith,

Rev. Meghann