From the Minister’s Study – July/August 2019

Well, look at that, it’s summertime again! The wheel of the year has turned again, and we are surrounded by the beauty and blessings of long hours of sunlight and the sights, smells, and sounds of flora and fauna throughout the city and beyond.

However, even though it’s summer, I let you in on a secret: church doesn’t stop! I and our Sunday Services team have the responsibility and the joy of cultivating services year-round, and summer is no exception. And yes, for those of you who don’t know, I am responsible as your minister for providing support and guidance to ALL worship services — even the ones I’m not leading myself. Working in partnership with our SunServe team, who put enormous thought, time, and effort into their cultivation of services, means that summer is taken care of right along with fall, winter, and spring.

I also know that our sibling congregation in Gimli only has services during the summer., and what a treat that is to have a choice of community. When travelling I often visit other UU congregations on SUndays because each congregation is unique in their own beautiful way. The consistent good weather and mild temperatures we get in these two months also call us to spend time reconnecting with the earth and the ecosystems of which we are a part.

So, however you choose to spend your precious summer months, and especially your summer Sundays, know that First UU is here for you just like the rest of the year. And, that part of being Unitarian Universalist is supporting each other in our personal discernment and being trusted with the freedom and autonomy of choices. May you always follow where your heart leads you in this season of warmth and growth.

In gratitude and faith,

Rev. Meghann