From the Minister’s Study – July 2020

wildflowersI’m having a hard time believing that it’s already summer. With the global pandemic, among other things, it feels like this year is zipping by way too fast… while also feeling incredibly long at the same time.

What I do know is that the temptation to “do summer” the way we’ve always done it is already so strong, and will only get stronger. And, beloveds, it’s too soon to stop physical distancing and to cross borders. We’re already seeing rising case numbers in places that gave in to the pressure to reopen too quickly. The science is clear, and we can save lives by refusing to give in to our impulse to seek comfort over the safety of our fellow human beings.

That said, summer is still here, and there are still numerous ways for us to enjoy it for the time it is with us. I know that these temperatures and this weather is a precious gift to be treasured for many of us, and we should not let the pandemic deter us from experiencing summer. We can combine common sense with joy and playfulness, and we should do so.

I’m also hoping that any resilience you find in resisting the urge to “go back to normal,” you will bring back to our congregation and our community. This coming year we will be focusing on building new relationships with each other and sustaining the ones we already have. We’ll be working on our culture of avoiding conflict and how to deeply engage with our covenant of right relationships to call each other back into relationship when the impact of our words and actions is different from our good intentions.

We’re also going to need each other’s creativity and innovation, and a willingness to show up and organize to try new things and create new structures of support for our community. A lot of hard work from our leadership allowed us to pass a budget this year, but we all need to be aware that it’s a temporary reprieve. Our working together to find sustainability rooted in the future and in our devotion to each other is what will allow this congregation to not just survive, but thrive, into the future.

In gratitude and faith, 

Rev. Meghann