From the Ministers Study – February 2021

Nicole McKayAs Unitarian Universalists, part of our holy work is to always center those who are on the margins, those whose voices are ignored and even silenced. When necessary, we use our voices as well as our power and privilege to amplify messages that need to be heard and even give voice when others cannot. Our theme this month is “The Earth,” the precious planet on which we are honoured to call home alongside creatures big and small. The Earth has been using her voice to tell us that we need to change the ways in which we are living – the devastating effects of climate change being one way the she calls for our attention.

This pandemic has slowed down some of our human activities that were harming this beautiful planet and with sights set on the eventual end of this pandemic, the world seems eager to go back to “normal.” Our “normal” put a priority on the economy, on what the Earth (and we) could produce — and together, we have paid the price. What lessons have we learned? What do we need to do differently? These conversations are happening now!

Let us remember that our caring community, this congregation, cares for all of our relations. We recognize and affirm that we are part of this interdependent web of being; what touches the life of one of us, affects us all! Just as we reach out to one another with phone calls, letters, and emails, let us take some time this month, grounded in our UU values, to care for the Earth. This caring community of ours extends beyond this congregation where we can care for our city, our country, and our planet. We do this in many ways including making a phone call, sending an email or signing a petition calling for the attention of our leadership at all levels to listen to the wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples of these lands to respect our biodiversity, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to transform our economy in healthy and sustainable ways. The Earth needs us to live our values and put our faith into action by helping to centre and amplify her voice and the voices of those who advocate for her well-being. May we continue to listen, learn, and act in ways that will be sustainable for our shared future.

In gratitude and faith,

Nicole McKay