Covenant Groups Kick-off

Do you like meeting new people and discussing interesting topics?
That’s what Covenant Group participants do every month when they gather to share ideas, insights, and perspectives on selected topics.

Covenant groups meet monthly from October-June in small groups of 8-12 participants, with two co-facilitators. They reflect on a monthly theme, broadening personal spiritual growth and forming connections and deepening relationships as they go. They are a wonderful way to create community.

Covenant Group members:
– attend monthly meetings
– co-create a covenant (based on a provided framework), and then practice living into that covenant every month
– share their experiences and reflections, and hold space for those of the others in the group
– practice deep listening. Deep listening is a way of focusing intently on what another person is saying without interruption or simultaneously formulating a response. Deep listening also gives an individual an opportunity to speak without interruption or comment
– participate in a service project chosen by their group (each group to decide on their participation)

All are welcome: adults of all ages and genders, long time congregation members and people newly exploring Unitarian Universalism, past Covenant Group participants and newcomers.

The overarching annual theme this year is Reimagining the Common Good. More information on the monthly topics and covenant group format is here.

We need at least two additional (and ideally four or more) people who would like to be group co-facilitators this program year. Facilitators work in a team of 2 to support monthly meetings with their group. They also attend a monthly Facilitators’ group to talk about their experience and exchange ideas and perspectives of their own.

Past facilitators have enjoyed honing their skills at supporting groups, helping to create a safe environment for conversation that deepens spiritual growth and explores our individual and shared values. As an extra benefit, facilitators can choose a group meeting time that best suits their schedule. Ideally this year we would like to offer a weekday group, a weeknight group, and a weekend group.

In order to facilitate an October start to the Covenant groups we would like:
– Facilitators to sign up by September 28
– Participants to express interest by October 1

Sign up for specific groups will be available on the website once the facilitators have set the monthly meetings’ date and time. People are welcome to sign up later but a sense of numbers will help the Covenant Group organizers.

Contact Janet Toews at brontoews1122(at) for more information or to sign up!