bowl of water with stones, lit candle in chalice bowl, and plantsSharing and Caring supports the deepening of relationships in Our Caring Community. Our Associates and a small team of volunteers host this ritual on Sunday mornings through compassionate listening and respectful by sharing your challenges, difficulties, celebrations, and everything in between.

We are requesting thoughts you wish to have shared during Sunday Service emailed to by Saturday at 5 PM. The email box is monitored throughout the week and will responded to in a timely fashion by a Pastoral Care Associate who will let you know that your message was received and will be able to offer support and pastoral care as appropriate.

Please note, in keeping with our Community’s Covenant of Right Relations, we seek to share our personal journeys with each other and, at the same time, to respect each other by only sharing other’s personal information with permission.

All Sharing and Caring requests are shared on our Caring Community Email Group, unless indicated otherwise.

Sharing and Caring Readers:

  • Ashlyn Noble
  • Colleen Millikin
  • Cheryl Simmonds
  • Barbara Fuller
  • Shar Lynn