bowl of water with stones, lit candle in chalice bowl, and plantsThe ritual of lighting candles in worship reflects what we believe as Canadian Unitarian Universalists and supports the deepening of relationships in Our Caring Community. A small team of volunteers Host this ritual on Sunday mornings through compassionate listening and respectful sharing of candles that mark our challenges, difficulties, celebrations and everything in between.

This year, in response to the COVID 19 crisis, we developed a virtual ritual using stones and the ripples they make as they are dropped into water to demonstrate how what we share spreads out to support us all as we seek to build our caring community.

If you have a candle request for Sunday morning worship, please send it to by 9:00 am on Sunday morning.

Please note, in keeping with our Community’s Covenant of Right Relations, we seek to share our personal journeys with each other and, at the same time, to respect each other by only sharing other’s personal information with permission.

Candles of Caring Team 2020:

  • Esmat Elhami
  • Ashlyn Noble
  • Sarah Paisley Cummings
  • Marlene Schellenberg, Coordinator
  • Bonnie Thiessen