For non-emergency pastoral care for yourself, or to let us know confidentially about someone in the congregation in need of care, please contact our Pastoral Care Team. If you are experiencing a pastoral emergency, please call Rev. Meghann at the church office: (204) 474-1261.

The Pastoral Care Team is working to fill this page with all you need to know about caring for each other in our community. Until then, here is the mandate for the team from the Board of Directors:


The Mandate of the Pastoral Care Team is to work collaboratively with the Minister in order to coordinate appropriate, effective responses to address the pastoral care needs of members and friends of our church. The Pastoral Care Team is responsible to the Board of Directors through the Board Liaison for the committee cluster based on the church organization chart. The Pastoral Care Team, in keeping with our covenant “to accept and care for each other” has a primary goal of supporting and encouraging members and friends of the church in their efforts to function as a Caring Community – to know that they will be cared for and have the opportunity to care for others.

Members of the Pastoral Care Team are dedicated to providing compassionate support. They seek to be genuinely present when serving – whether as host at our table on Sunday morning, or in any other capacity. They respect the confidentiality of all people and share information to the appropriate Pastoral Care Team personnel only as necessary to provide this support. When specifically requested by the person involved or their family, they may also pass on information to our Caring Community.