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How to mark an email as spam or phishing

If you have a “church email,” that is, an email that ends with “,” occasionally, you might receive email that seems suspicious. Maybe it’s asking for personal or account information, or it seems like it’s from someone in the church (like the minister) but the … read more.

How to share Google files or folders

If you have a church email account, and you use our Google Workspace for committee and other shared church work, you might need to share a file or folder. Sharing a folder shares all the files and folders inside of it.

Here are some instructions you … read more.

How to get a link to a document in Drive

If you work on documents in Google Drive, the “files” portion of our Google Workspace, you might need staff, board, or committee members to collaborate with you or leave feedback in the document. The correct way to share documents is to share a link to … read more.

How to Use a Church Gmail Account

If you chair or are in a committee, or if you have a job role at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, you might be asked to use a “church” email address. We define this as an email address that ends with our domain, … read more.