Category: From the Minister’s Study

Monthly or semi-monthly post from our Minister, Rev. Meghann Robern.

From the Minister’s Study – February, 2020

One of the questions from the Question Box service that I didn’t get to address specifically was my perspective on UU ministry as a learned ministry — that is, the expectation of a certain amount of learning and study not just to be credentialed as … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – December, 2019

Our theme this month is The Unexpected.

This congregation has the privilege of currently inhabiting a riverbank in the middle of the city. One side of our property is landscaped foliage, paved streets, traffic lights, and sidewalks upon which people go for a stroll among cultivated … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – November 2019

This month, during our theme of Giving Praise, I’m going to share some words from my colleague, the Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long. She posted this essay about her experience of hospitality in her congregation, and about how profound and important it is to our shared … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – October, 2019

When to reach out to your minister:

When you don’t know your minister, but would like to…
When you are facing a problem with your job, children, parents or anything or anyone else where a listening ear might be helpful…
When you’ve lost your job…
When you’re considering a … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – September 2019

As many of you know, our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Andrea James, has begun her twelfth year of service with us. She has demonstrated over and over again her dedication to our community and to our shared ministry together. To support her continued growth … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – June 2019

Our theme for this month is Identity. And I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to say to you all about identity, especially in our current culture where the multitude of personal identities and how they intersect with … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – May 2019

While you are reading this in May, I’m writing it near the end of April, after our Easter Sunday service. And I’m writing because I wanted to share with you how moved I was during the musical offertory of that service.

Earlier in the morning, we … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – April 2019

We are a community that gathers around shared values, and lives into those shared values through covenants. Covenants are living documents that reflect the promises we are making to each other about how we are going to be with each other. And, because of this, most of … read more.