Category: From the Minister’s Study

Monthly or semi-monthly post from our Minister, Rev. Meghann Robern.

From the Minister’s Study – June & July 2021

Dear Members and Friends:  

The last year has been a challenging and exhausting time for all of us as we’ve faced the uncertainties, the fear, the dramatic changes to our lives that have come with this pandemic. I appreciate your support of our shared ministries through … read more.

From the Minister’s Study – March 2021

What is it that brings Unitarian Universalists together? After all, ours is a faith which doesn’t require us to hold the same answers to life’s big questions and yet, here we are, creating community. On the home page of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s website it … read more.

From the minister’s study – October 2020

“Loss is felt many times. First for what is now gone, second for what was before, and then endlessly for everything that might’ve been.” — Austin Walker

Our ministry theme for October is grief. Grief is uncomfortable, heart-wrenching, devastating… and inescapable. It’s part of the human … read more.