Adult Drop-In Discussion

We meet on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30 in the living room to discuss the monthly theme. This month the theme is Giving Praise; our new format will provide many opportunities to discuss this theme and how it relates to a Unitarian Universalist context. There will be water and possibly some light refreshments. Childcare will be provided.

You do not need to have attended this discussion group in the past; all are welcome.

Our Covenant

In this space and time together we…

  • ~Listen deeply (we put away all distractions to hear one another, we work to quiet our response and make space for one another’s experience)
  • ~Bless one another with the counter-cultural act of praise and gratitude
  • ~Speak deeply (we share from our own perspective, using “I” statements, we speak from personal experience and aspire to stay in the room, in the moment)
  • ~Release a sense of outcome (we avoid fixing, advice giving or interruptions, we focus on the people in this circle)
  • ~Step up and step back (we are mindful of our sharing time to make space for others, we speak and contribute to the circle)
  • ~Allow everyone an opportunity to answer the question before sharing again
  • ~Empower our facilitator to call us back into covenant with love
  • ~Seek growth in our time together
  • ~Uphold confidentiality (we share only our own story outside of this circle)