What to Expect During a Service

Content of individual Services will vary, but there are commonalities in all services.

  • Services begin at 10:30 a.m. with music, opening words, and announcements.
  • Prior to the service, congregants can write a joy or concern on a card (located at the back of the sanctuary) and light a candle of Joy or Concern (next to the chalice beside the pulpit). The cards are read by a member of the Pastoral Care Team during the service. You are welcome to join in this tradition if you have a joy or concern to share.
  • We light a Chalice, the official symbol of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Music is offered in every service, including several hymns, recorded music, guest musicians, and our church choir, which sings twice per month from Fall-Spring.
  • The Offering, accompanied by live or taped reflective music, allows congregants to directly support our church programs and community.
  • Most services include a spoken meditation and/or a silent meditation.
  • Most services include a sermon which is delivered by the minister or special guest speaker.
  • Often the service ends with a hymn and closing words.
  • After the service, coffee, tea and snacks are served in the Sanctuary - a time for community and conversation.

What do I wear?

In keeping with the seasons, we dress to be comfortable depending (mostly) on the weather, and “come as you are” is fine. During winter (and other wet/muddy times of year) we ask that wet boots be removed and left with the coats in the foyer; you may wish to bring a pair of (dry, indoor) shoes to wear. We ask that people of all ages wear shoes at all times while in church to adhere to fire code. During some “special” services, such as Christmas Eve, the congregation tends to dress up a little more, but jeans are seen at nearly every service.