Next Steps

Our team has synthesized the information provided by the congregation during September’s discussions, and the committee-representative meetings in early November. Our big takeaway: with some corrections, we are on the right track! The information provided at the Autumn Financial Meeting is below.

Mission and Vision Update

As a highlight, we provided three aspirations that could define a new Mission for our church:


What We Aspire to Be and Do

  1. We aspire to be a caring community that is welcoming, safe, inclusive, open-hearted, open minded, and principled, which stewards our resources, nourishes our spirits, celebrates life events, and encourages us to become better versions of ourselves.
  2. We aspire to be a learning community open to evidence and insights from multiple sources, including our history, willing to engage in personal and community self-examination and exploration, and ready to acquire understanding and skills to strengthen our relationships, act effectively on our principles, and realize our aspirations.
  3. We aspire to be a socially engaged community working with others, with urgency, towards a just and compassionate society that respects and cares for our life-sustaining planet.

In short: We aspire to be a Caring, Learning, and Socially Engaged spiritual community.


Provide Feedback! Join Us!

This Mission and Vision will define how we engage as a community for the next few years, so we want as much feedback as possible. Want to join us? We invite church members or friends join our team and help draft our mission and vision. The contact form is below, please use for both.


This process is guided by our congregation, as well as our Unitarian Universalist principles, sources, and aspirations. Seven principles guide our choices. Six sources nourish our spirits. Five aspirations help us grow.