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Oct 29: Greener Death Options

“Greener Options at End of Life” Presentation and discussion hosted by Peter Miller and Jackie Avent. Presentation and interactive table discussions on the range of “Greener Options” – for end of life body disposition.

With the growing financial and environmental scrutiny on end of life body disposition options people are looking for the “greener” way to go. What does a “greener” process mean and what is happening globally and locally with new ideas and options? Come hear Peter Miller and Jackie Avent (Community Deathcare Manitoba) and participate in facilitated table discussions and sharing of ideas.

Event Details

When: Tuesday October 29th  7 p.m. - 9 p.m.  

Where: 603 Wellington Crescent (map and parking)

Cost: Free – open to all

Sign up: No registration required

More Information

Jackie Avent is interested in bringing the conversation about holistic death and dying home in Manitoba. Primarily interested in helping people define what "a Good Death" means for them, Jackie works with friends, family members and her community to normalize "death talk" and help people be prepared for the inevitable in the best way possible. With a Certificate of Completion from the 12-week program of the Beyond Yonder Virtual School for Community Deathcaring, and years of experience visioning and planning with groups and individuals, Jackie is excited to share an overview of new and old perspectives on “greener” death options.

Peter Miller is a retired philosophy prof at the University of Winnipeg, who has worked on environmental and resource theory and advocacy for decades. He currently volunteers for Green Action Centre and co-chairs the UU church’s Green Action Committee (GAC) with Marg Friesen. Peter expects to die within the next 20 years and looks forward to a low-impact exit.