Annual General Meeting October 29, 2017

We Welcome You To

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg

Annual General Meeting October 29, 2017

Immediately following the 10:30 a.m. service

Our church strives to uphold our democratic principles. Though only members may vote, we welcome members and friends to attend.  Your input is invaluable in planning our future together.

A pizza lunch will be available for everyone following the service.

Childcare for children up to age eleven will be provided for the duration of the meeting to allow parents and RE volunteers to attend the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: All voting members will be required to sign in at the beginning of the meeting. You can confirm whether your name is on the voters' list following the service on October 29, 2017 or by contacting Carolyn Hill-Carroll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

The following are excerpts from the Church Bylaws:

Article #3:10  Voting Rights

To be eligible to vote at a congregational meeting, a member must have signed the membership book prior to the original announcement of the meeting.

 Article #3:16  Quorum

A quorum at any congregational meeting other than a meeting to call or dismiss a Minister shall be the greater of 11% of those members eligible to vote at the meeting and 20 members eligible to vote.

The following items will be included in the agenda for the meeting:

  • Acceptance of Committee Annual Reports
  • Report of the Nominating Committee and election of Board of Directors
  • Report from the Treasurer
  • Appointment of Accounting Firm
  • Survey on Undesignated Bequests
  • Vote for First UU Church of Winnipeg to sign onto City of Winnipeg Indigenous Accord
  • Report from the Capital Projects Team
  • Report from the Memorial Garden Planning Group