125th Memorial Garden: Oct-17 AGM Congregational Vote to Proceed

125th Anniversary Legacy Project: Memorial Garden Design

2017 October AGM Congregational Vote to proceed with project

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Based on the work completed so far by the project team, congregational feedback sessions and a meeting with Heather Cram of HTFC we are now ready to proceed with the following action step:

  • Vote to engage HTFC in developing a proposal for completing a detailed design which includes a consultation process and works with wish list content we have already developed
    • The proposal development process does not have a cost
    • The outcome will be an cost estimate for completing the detailed design plans along with estimates for what the memorial space may cost to complete
    • The process will help our group to refine the wish list and decide on the key elements that are most important our community including location and features

Call to Vote

The congregation votes to support the Memorial Garden project working with professional landscape firm HTFC to develop a proposal for moving forward in the detailed design process. No costs are associated with this support and future action requiring funds will be presented to the congregation for future discussion and vote.

Next Steps, Once Approved to Proceed

  • Share the background wish list content with HTFC
  • Feedback session with HTFC
  • Finalize the design elements and location recommendations
  • Feedback session with congregation
  • HTFC prepares proposal for the cost to complete the design plans
  • Congregation votes to engage HTFC in completing the detailed design plans
  • Once we have the detailed design plans and know roughly how much it will cost to complete the Memorial Garden we can then look at ways to raise funds for this project – likely in 2019 or 2020


Design elements that are important to us - our wish list:

  • A good design that fits with property / professional landscaping
  • Space to sit and reflect
  • Area to gather
  • Accessible – good level path
  • UU art or sculpture- maybe a big chalice
  • Flowers, shrubs, green space
  • Dedication – with plaques (or other options) and scatter garden area
  • A view of the river

Guiding Principles

  • Built for longevity and legacy
  • Design aesthetic that fits with our building and property
  • Professional support for landscaping design. plans and construction
  • Financially self-sustaining as a goal after construction
  • Adopt “green” or environmentally friendly design where possible
  • Easy to care for the space and plantings – low cost and low effort annually
  • Clear Operational Guidelines – easy to manage

Memorial Plaques and remembering those who pass

  • Name and date of birth/death (usually the minimum) inscribed
  • Attached to a wall, or post/pillar or as signage along a path, or bricks on a walkway
  • Other “memory” options can include:
    • Memorial Book to list everyone in the garden
    • Memorial Profiles – full page with photo for all members who pass – large binder kept in library ( could be obit or other story)
    • Digital frame – scrolling information as part of a memory display
    • Planting a tree or shrub and having a small marker
    • Rock garden with plaques on stones or inscribed

Scatter Gardens

  • A scatter garden is an area of earth that is used to scatter cremated remains of people.
  • Small holes or trenches are dug for the purpose of scattering the remains and then later mixed into the larger area
  • The Scatter Garden area is less of a garden and more of an area of earth that is used for the cremated remains of everyone
  • The area can be part of a larger garden or surrounded by other plantings
  • Our church is allowed to have a scatter garden and no special permits are needed other than the usual permits needed to construct the garden if required
  • Feedback indicates that we are interested in having a scatter garden

Operating Guidelines: process for managing a Memorial Garden

  • Develop an simple, self-funding process to manage the Memorial Garden
  • Services of the Memorial Garden are for members and family of members, with some process for managing other requests
  • Determine a fee to cover the administration, plaques and ongoing maintenance of the garden area.
  • Memorial Book to record internments.
  • Consider other options for plaques or Memorial walls or outdoor plaque areas for expansion
  • Ministers may or may not be present for the interment of the ashes in the Memorial Garden as part of a service or at another time. There may or may not be a fee for the minister’s participation depending on if member’s or other.
  • Use a special tool/shovel for digging the space in garden and a special container ( Bardal will donate this) for scattering the ashes
  • Consider if pre-paid interment services should be offered
  • Have a small committee to manage the Memorial Garden operations/process and maintenance

Location Options for our Memorial Garden

  • Location – can be more than one location on our property with different areas offering different elements for the Memorial Garden
  • Work with HTFC to identify the pros and cons of different areas and any specific zoning or permits for each location option
  • Front south east corner of Sanctuary – circle shaped area with low wall, path, garden, room for benches and potential memorial plaques
  • WHY THE FRONT: Visible feature from inside and out ,and from the street or from the entrance area, accessible brick walkway, open for all seasons
  • Also creates natural landscape to shield east maintenance area which will be partially fenced and still allow for garbage bins to come forward along a path area
  • OTHER AREAS ON PROPERTY: consideration on how to incorporate other areas such as the northwest corner with views of the river for memorial garden or recognition expansion. Could offer a simple sitting area for reflection by the river with special plantings.

Role of Landscape Architect

  • To work with our wish list and help us refine what is most important
  • Professional design, detailed plans with cost estimates and guidance for permits and zoning requirements
  • Building plans for commercial level construction meeting all city codes – built to last
  • Integrate with existing property and building – planning for future as property matures
  • Familiarity with building products / design options/ other memorial installations
  • What kind of hard landscaping – what is the shape , look, what products, how do these age
  • Options to use remaining bricks from sanctuary build – similar finish
  • Ideas on memorial plaques
  • Ideas for riverside contemplation area linked with Memorial Garden
  • Advise and guide construction process
Plan of 125th Memorial Garden