Dear Friends,

20 years ago, this church followed a dream and took a chance on a new location.

Some weren’t sure it could be done. But in the end, by coming together with gifts of creativity, money, hands-on work, and love, members built a beautiful sanctuary. People of all ages came to call it their spiritual home.

Now, 20 years later, the church is at a turning point once again.

We still believe that church is the best place to grow our UU values and make them live. But in this new era, when so many are looking to what divides them, we hear a call to move beyond the walls of our building and share our message of inclusion and love. Now is the time to take action in the larger community, leading boldly with our Unitarian Universalist values.

As UUs we believe that diversity is what makes us strong.

We believe that including many voices is the only path toward a resilient future.

We believe that the world needs communities like ours who model a shared commitment to the common good.

In fact, we know from our history that when people come together to build on their dreams, a rainbow of possibilities is the result.

Our dreams for this new era include:

  • A vibrant community of worship and action, with a new settled minister as partner in outreach and growth.
  • Opportunities for all – youth, children, young and older adults - to grow our UU identities throughout the life cycle and at all stages of our journey as Unitarian Universalists.
  • Enhanced resilience as a Caring Community, where we pool our gifts of support, affirmation and acceptance through all of life’s transitions.
  • A brighter welcome, through improvements to lighting and drainage in our busy parking lot.
  • Vital partnerships with other faiths and charities, in support of refugees and others in need.
  • Heightened visibility in the wider community, so that others may find the welcome that we have found in this church.
  • A deeper commitment to our responsibility as treaty people, as we work to support understanding, healing and reconciliation in relationships across settler and indigenous communities.

And this is where you come in. Your pledge, or promise of financial commitment for the next fiscal year (July 1-June 31), allows us to fund these dreams. Donations, of course, can be made at any time. But only on the basis of your pledges, collected during the month of March, can we plan the upcoming year’s budget. For those of you who are members, we would like to remind you that ongoing financial support of the church, through pledging, is one of the responsibilities of membership.

We’d love it if you’d read through our information sheets, which will give you more in the way of facts and figures, (including an explanation of why we will need a significant increases in pledges compared to last year) and help you decide how much to give. If you’re ready to make your financial commitment, however, click here to submit your pledge online or to download a pledge form.

Have more questions? Visit our Stewardship FAQ page, or contact any member of the Pledge Campaign team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We’re dreaming big this year, and we believe in the worth of these dreams. But we need your support. If this community and its dreams are important to you, please pledge now, and pledge generously.

In shared commitment to this vital faith community,

Your Pledge Team:

Peter Hill-Carroll and Craig Steinmann, Co-Chairs

Lynn Clark, Board President

Colleen Millikin, Board Member-at-Large

Paula Wachs, Member

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