Monthly Theme Discussion Group

Monthly Theme Discussion Group

Join us for our once-per-month discussion group on the monthly theme. We meet at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg at 603 Wellington Crescent, in the Dining Room. Bring a snack or come as you are. Also visit our Facebook page here.

For more information or to RSVP, email Rev. Nicoline or contact her by phoning 204-474-1261, or email Teresa Klostriech.

No child care is provided.

Deepening through Growth: Monthly Theme for May, 2017

Deepening through …


Our monthly theme for May 2017

Theme-Based Ministry Resources from the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg

It’s the growing season. Leaves unfolding on flowers and trees, baby birds hatching out of eggs, seeds soon to be breaking open in sun-warmed soil and pushing their way into a new form and a new capacity to bear fruit. For our last monthly theme of the 2016-17 church year, we thought that focusing our energies on Growth would capture some of May’s exuberance. (Check the links for a stunning time lapse video of fungi bringing their odd springiness into the world.)

There’s a lot to like about growth, especially at this time of year. And many of us come to religious community precisely so that we can keep on growing: in spiritual and ethical maturity; in our caring for one another; in our understanding of the world beyond what’s already familiar. We also come hoping to help grow new generations of responsible and inspired citizens.

But growth is not always as smooth and seamless as time lapse photography makes it look. In fact, growth often looks like resistance at the beginning: growing pains are not only for children, and even an eggshell has to break open for fledgling birds to emerge. So join us this month as we test out our growing edges, both as individuals, and as a community.

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Theme-Based Ministry

Theme-Based Ministry

What is it?

Theme-based ministry is a new way of doing church and faith development that brings Unitarian Universalists together across differences of life experience, age, or beliefs. It’s a way of helping us focus and deepen, both in our spiritual lives, and in our connections to one another.

Each month, we look at a new monthly theme – past themes have included Hospitality, for example, or Compassion. A monthly theme packet is made available with questions for reflection, links to books or film clips to explore, spiritual exercises to try out, and ideas for integrating aspects of the theme into parenting, justice work, personal study, and so on. Some people like to consider each theme in relation to the question, “What would it mean to live a life of … ?”

Throughout the month, the entire community explores dimensions of this theme though aspects of our common life at the church, such as music, meditation, and reflections from the pulpit.

Like many North American UU congregations, we'll focus our activities around monthly themes during the upcoming year. Theme-based ministry assists us to deepen on our individual spiritual paths, and still grow as a multigenerational community, as we explore themes of shared interest together.

Current Themes

This themes for 2016-2017 are listed below, along with a link to the theme packet.

*In order to help deepen our national connections, Love & Justice (from the Canadian Unitarian Council's new statement of vision and purpose) will be February's theme across most of our Canadian UU congregations.

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