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Riverside Reflections, March 2012


Riverside Reflections, March 2012

As I write, winter appears to have returned to Winnipeg. For weeks it seemed the season had forgotten us, as temperatures tiptoed back and forth over the freezing mark, at times giving the impression May had arrived early. Even now, as freshly fallen snow blankets the vista from the window of my study and flurries blow in the wind, the mercury hovers at a relatively mild level. Today, it looks like February is “supposed” to look, but by the time this is read, the vernal equinox will be nearly upon us and we’ll be preparing for spring in more than our minds’ eyes (historical March blizzards notwithstanding).

The calendar serves as a reminder that we are already more than halfway through what we think of as the “regular” church year. Just a glance at that calendar informs us that the pace of life has not slackened, regardless of the weather. In recent weeks, we celebrated Everybody’s Birthday Party on the anniversary of our congregation’s “birth,” and delighted in learning about the French Canadian influence afterwards. The recent Committee Carnival was a vibrant event, its Mardi Gras theme lending a party atmosphere to the connections that were made and reinforced. Thanks to Pat Lane and Steve Lennon for putting this together, to all the members of committees who participated, and to all who increased the level of their activity in the congregation.

An intriguing variety of adult ed is still on the agenda, from An Evening with Wicca to Readings from the Bhagavad Gita and Passage Meditation Mantram, thanks to the generosity of volunteers who share their expertise, as well as Website Seminars led by our professional webmaster, in the interest of better equipping us for surfing the church website. These activities just scratch the surface of all that’s happening.

As we embark on our Annual Stewardship Campaign, we have much to appreciate; and so much that blesses the world, as the Reverend Rebecca Parker says. Her words ring in my ears:

The choice to bless the world can take you into solitude to search for the
sources of power and grace, native wisdom, healing and liberation.
More, the choice will draw you into community, the endeavour shared, the
heritage passed on, the companionship of struggle, the importance
of keeping faith, the life of ritual and praise, the comfort of
human friendship, the company of earth, its chorus of life welcoming you.
None of us alone can save the world.
Together – that is another possibility, waiting.
How will you choose to bless the world, I wonder? I hope you will share your thoughts with me.

Warmest blessings,


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